A Superfood Super-SOLUTION

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With gratitude and much appreciation we wish to introduce Olivia P Biera, she is the contributor for this week. Olivia will be sharing astounding information on Superfoods.
I met Olivia at Life Energy Institute, where I was taking Integrative Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy for over ten years. She was always passionate and driven to help us with our needs. Her compassion and integrity touch many of us, always with a smile and with a sense that everything would be alright, that is very contagious and comforting. In the years that I had contact with her she managed to maintain these gifts.

We were at a very large convention in which I was speaking and having challenges keeping my boundaries in check. Many people wanting information and our product, (we were very thankful by the way just a bit spent) she appeared and did a vey quick test and recommended a couple of oils and a supplement that she proceeded to share with me and I went on my way to the next talk after which I noticed I was in control of my space and my energy was well sustained. I was not only very thankful for her intuition, I really wanted to learn how she did that. I wish for you all to enjoy and connect with her, Olivia does private consultations that will change your life in an outstanding way and that I can guarantee, her passion and true integrity are rare.
Thank you once again for your support and likes it means so much to all of us.




Olivia P. Biera – Founder of OPB Consulting


A passionate Practitioner, Facilitator and Manager in the Healing Arts and Cosmetics/Spa Industry for over 19 years. She is resourced by many modalities and Master Mentors and teaches specialty trainings in the field. Olivia P. Biera is doing the work to hold the Earth in balance through Highest Truth and Deepest Body Consciousness.  Affiliated with companies and practitioners who are stewards of integrity, ethics and effective change.

About OPB Consulting – Understanding you as the heart of your business. As a source expert in the healing arts, OPB offers efficiency techniques for your Mind, Body, Spirit and Business.  Facilitating for groups or private clients, the art of Spectrum Healing includes esoteric, physical, emotional, mental and financial attention. Unique coaching services with a global perspective.




A Superfood Super-SOLUTION


As a consultant in the Art of Healing, I have come across many “patches” as I call them, which are ways to address symptoms without truly addressing the cause.

Take for example acne. There are a ton of acne-fighting products on the market that can dry out bacteria or reduce scarring, though none of them will stop you from eating potato chips and drinking high-fructose corn syrup.  They are bandaids if you will to a poor diet that shows its effects through the skin.

Most beauty experts agree that hydration and proper mineral and vitamin absorption will prove to provide healthier looking skin, hair and nails. I say those are the perks. A happy, healthy immune system is ready to detoxify and fight any bacteria or virus that comes its way.

There are a plethora of articles on the Internet that document the claims that ‘superfoods’ are a simple solution to the ailments of a nutrient deficient society.  These articles claim that using them can cleanse the blood, reduce cravings and successfully support the immune system.

So what exactly are ‘superfoods’? The definition varies according to the source of reference, however most definitions have come to the agreement that what makes a natural organic food “super” is that it has a much higher nutrition levels than other foods. This is because they will be high in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals or antioxidants depending on what it is.




In the Capugreeno and Superfood Smoothie Recipe Book, Dr. John Fitzgerald gives the example of comparing Acerola Cherries and Oranges:

Everyone in America knows Oranges are good for you because of their high levels of Vitamin C content. 1 Cup of oranges contain ~95 mg of Vitamin C.

An Acerola Cherry is a West Indian Cherry now growing in popularity in America. 1 cup of Acerola Cherries contains ~1,644 mg of Vitamin C!

Acerola Cherries are considered superfoods while organic oranges are not.

There are many different types of superfoods, some are high in Vitamin C, others reduce inflammation or detoxify the liver. Others are historically known to improve memory, oxygenate the blood, even cleanse the pineal gland. The list goes on and on of all the ways super foods are beneficial… but not so yummy. No one is out there raving about the earthy taste of wheatgrass or reishi mushroom powder.

So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I heard from Dr. John Fitzgerald about the launch of his project, 5 intentional years in production and 30 years in the making. When he told me about the Premium Ancient Superfood line I almost cried. How I had been waiting for an angel to combine all these random, weird tasting powders, seeds and concentrates into one convenient package to balance out my deficiencies. I wasn’t quite convinced though. As much as I trust Dr. John, my analytical brain said to me the proof will be in the taste, so I waited. I pre-ordered and I waited for my shipment and when it finally came then I became overwhelmed with happiness!

As a single mother running a household and a business, I could not imagine how I could find the time to get my family and myself all the superfoods we need conveniently. This morning within 5 minutes we are drinking ginger root, camu camu, turmeric, hulled hemp, cinnamon, reishi mushroom powders with flax and chia seeds in a papaya banana smoothie. The taste is balanced perfection. I have abandoned my relationship with sugary iced drinks and fruity shakes. Curbing my sugar cravings with the delicious balanced blends of the mixes. The results are in the way I feel, sleep and look healthier. Give these blends a try, the price point is way below what we’ve come to expect and the assurance of non-GMO, Vegan, Organic certified ingredients makes it a treasure on your grocery list.

Some specialty stores are beginning to carry MNA’s Ancient Superfoods however you can order them anytime online. To receive a discount use my coupon code: opbconsulting.

Capugreeno and Superfood Smoothie Recipe Book



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