There are many blogs out there, but this is ours.

Our Beauty blog intention is to be a source where authority individuals share their views of Beauty from the inside out. For us, it is an undeniable connection between body, mind and soul that when not addressed, we live our lives relying externally on a very short lasting validation, out of self power and ultimately we keep getting further and further from our source where it all starts. Our intention is to be a source where you can find many modalities and choose the oneĀ that feels to you that serves you best. This way you are the master of your own reality and not of an external source that will change as fast as software, and there you are again out of validation. We make sure to have extensive research from extremely reliable sources for you to learn how you can create your reality in well founded information, not on what the media or other people wants to sell you. We also provide you with products, books , videos and special offers from very selective choices we make.

Beauty skincare, health practitioners, yoga, Gi Gong, nutritionists, flower Essences and many other industry professionals communicate their skills in makeup, skincare, esthetics, dermatology, cosmetic surgery tips, knowledge, and experience. We are also a source for integrity, up to date information about what we consider in our experience to be the top products, procedures and application tips from the theseĀ industries. We wish to inspire you and make a difference in your life and that of your family and anyone that you share with so together we can become independent and able to make our own choices.

We offer professional tips and techniques on makeup application, green makeup tips, skin care, makeover videos, celebrity guest makeup artists, make up trivia, red carpet makeup, links to products, procedures, trends, and the history of makeup and esthetics, and overall wellness.