Cupping for Beauty and Wellbeing


Lady getting cup theraphy for beauty



This is week 274, we are sharing an ancient procedure that has been used for thousands of years in many cultures. I grew up with it. Our NANA,  She was Mapuche and Quero Indian and she used cupping to help us with ailments from pains to fevers and so much more. It is an amazing procedure and it really works for so many conditions. When I lived in China, I started back on it and learned that they use it for Cosmetic purposes also, and WOW it does create very substantial results. The procedures are used for Cellulite, wrinkles, and scars to reduce fat deposits for facelifts and many other treatments.

We recommend for you to get the work done by a professional and to consult your health practitioner before you embark in any health-related treatments. Acupuncture Doctors will be glad to tell you all the benefits and contradictions of cupping. Enjoy and share the post with others, they are life-changing in many ways, please visit our social media site and share and like if you do is so very important for Blogs, thank you for your support.


Definition of cupping

The word cupping was derived from the Arabic verbs “ Hajama” and :Haj’jama” by that they mean to minimize or to restore to basic size or to diminish in volume. In Arabic is a verb “ahjama” which means TO withdraw or retreat from an attack.




Ancient Cupping Tools Carved on Stone


carved cups on stone

History of Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy has been around for thousands of years.  It developed over time from the original use of hollowed out animal horns (the Horn Method) to treat boils and suck out the toxins out of snakebites and skin lesions. Horns slowly evolved into bamboo cups, which were eventually replaced by glass. Therapeutic applications evolved with the refinement of the cup itself, and with the cultures that employed cupping as a health care technique.



Bamboo Cups

cupping Bamboo cups

Animal Horns Cupping

Cupping with horns

Ancient Cupping Tools





For the most part common information found to consider the Chinese to be responsible for the beginning of cupping, however, the earliest records found date back to the ancient Egyptians around 1500 B.C.  In translations of hieroglyphics in the Ebers Papyrus, the oldest medical textbook shows in detail the use of cupping for treating fever, pain, vertigo, menstrual imbalances, weakened appetite intestinal illness and many other conditions that helped to accelerate healing crisis.

After the Egyptians, cupping was introduced to the ancient Greeks, where Hippocrates, the Greek doctor, Father of Modern Medicine and cupping advocate, he viewed cupping as a remedy for almost every type of disease, he mentions it in the 400 BC  In fact, other Greek physicians used the strong suction of cupping to restore spinal alignment by reducing dislocated vertebrae from protruding inward.

The earliest recorded evidence of the use of cupping came from the famous alchemist and herbalist, Ge Hong (281-341 A.D.), who popularized the saying “Acupuncture and cupping, more than half of the ills cured.”

Though little known here in North America, this form of treatment is still popular through Asia, the MiddleEast, Finland South America and many other countries. Cupping in these various places, it is called by many names including Ba gwan, giac hoi, bekam, buhang, ventosa, bentusa in South west Asia. In the middle East, it is commonly referred as hijama, hejamat, and badkesh among many others.

The process involves using glass or ceramic cups, metal bells, bamboo tubes, animal horns, and nowadays silicone and a wide variety of other tools. However, recently the use of glass jars, plastic, and silicone are more popular, the common procedures from acupuncture practitioners is to use a cotton saturated in alcohol or medicated oil and ignited, this is place a side the container to heat it, lowering its internal pressure, the cup is immediately placed on the skin, and as the air inside cools, it creates a vacuum effect  which makes the cup stick in a vacuum suction to the skin. Blood immediately rushes to the area, creating a natural body response ( the cup is never heated on a person’s body).

cupping- sepia 620x330

There are two types of cupping: wet and dry.


The Dry Cupping session Usually this dry type of cupping is offered as part of a series and is used along with another therapy, and is applied to the back neck and shoulders, rarely to the limbs.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the blood will flow better to the areas that are starved of oxygen.

More and more practitioners are using plastic or silicone cups versus glass ones

The Chinese expanded the utilization of cupping to include its use in surgery to divert blood flow from the surgery site.  In the 1950’s, after much extensive research, a collaborative effort between the former Soviet Union and China confirmed the clinical efficacy of cupping therapy. Since then, cupping has become a part of government-sponsored hospitals of Traditional Chinese medicine.

In time cupping spread to ancient cultures in many countries of Europe and even the Americas.  Throughout the 18th century, European and American doctors widely used cupping in their practices to treat common colds and chest infections, often in the form of Wet Cupping.

Wet Cupping, also known as Artificial Leeching and Hijamah in Muslim societies, is where the practitioner makes tiny incisions in the skin to dredge the blood or poisons out.

By the late 1800’s, cupping became less popular and was severely criticized and discredited by the newly established scientific model of medicine. Since cupping was a surface treatment, with this new medical paradigm, which had shifted away from hands-on manipulative therapies for the most part.

Cupping therapy gradually became reduced to a mere curiosity and history of the past, for the most part collecting dust on practitioners’ shelves.  In 2004 Cupping re-emerged as a hot new celebrity trend in the limelight of a New York film festival, where actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s, Jennifer Aniston and other celebrities backs revealed their fresh cupping marks.   Countless celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, and Denise Richards followed suit and became fast adopters of this hot new cupping trend.  Unfortunately, some of the Hollywood buzz viewed the celeb’s cupping marks as simply bruises and rolled their eyes at its potential healing benefits.

Jeniffer Aniston cupping marks

Wenith Paltrow cupping marks

Over the past three years, however, a handful of new studies have shown it helps relieve back, neck, carpal tunnel and knee pain among many other benefits.  One thing is certain, and that is cupping is a powerful healing modality that can complement many healthcare modalities ranging from spa treatments to medical massage and physical therapy.


Vacuum massage has a beneficial effect on the body:

  1. it improves the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;
  2. it increases the supply oxygen of tissue;
  3. it accelerates the metabolism;
  4. it facilitates the removal of toxins from the body;
  5. it improves the immunity.
  6. Increased local qi and blood circulation to the skin
  7. Drawing nutrients to the surface
  8. Enhancing absorption of lotions or serums


Let’s talk about cupping in the beauty world, for cellulite, facelifts, Wrinkles, general circulation, edema, inflammation and improving blood circulation to the skin and by gently stimulating the fibroblast cells, which produce natural collagen and elastin, your skin will reveal a healthy glow and plump those fine lines.



Facial cupping


Facial cupping is said to clear heat and serves as a method of detoxifying the skin: it also drains stagnant fluids and eases puffiness.

Cupping is used either as a stand-alone treatment or as an addition to acupuncture facial treatment, facial cupping has benefits far beyond reducing fine lines and sagging jowls.

While traditional cupping can leave marks on the skin, facial cupping does not is very gentle. Cosmetic facial cupping is completely painless and is not an irritant to the skin it must be done preferably with oil or a very rich emollient cream. Cupping can be a unique way to prolong the wellbeing of skin and of the deterioration of the skin.

The time of the procedure itself takes anywhere from 15 minutes to half hour to perform depending if it is combined with other methods and the therapist that performs the procedure. After applying a rich lotion, cream or oil, a small cup is either placed for a few seconds over a deep crease to increase blood flow to the area, or it is moved along the face and down the neck to drain lymphatic fluid and stimulate blood flow. Cups are placed over acupuncture points on the face for short periods of time to stimulate them as part of the overall treatment this procedure is best done by a professional due to the fact that they know the points and the amount of suction so you don’t create a bruise and be unhappy with tis great treatment.

Done properly, cupping therapy will bring collagen to the surface and increase blood flow, reduce puffiness, dark circles and diminish fine lines. But the benefits go beyond just cosmetic, facial cupping can be very beneficial to drain nasal sinuses and the lymphatic system.

When increased of local blood supply it will bring nourishment to the muscles and skin and allow for toxins to be carried away via the veins and the lymphatic system and voila no more puffiness.

Is a movement in the beauty industry that is taking us back to non-surgical and more non-invasive beauty methods with astounding results.

Cosmetic Facial Cupping is a wonderful and effective alternative to chemical, Laser or surgical facelift.




Contemporary Cupping Therapy for Health and Beauty


from: http://nabuxmont.com/2015/02/24/contemporary-cupping-therapy-for-health-and-beauty/



Cupping therapy is a very safe, comfortable and effective treatment for many health challenges, with roots in ancient medical practice, in cultures as diverse as Egypt, Greece, Rome, Aztec, Native American, China and much more. The current influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine and traditional Ayurvedic medicine has seen a reintegration of this healing therapy.

There are many methods of cupping, including stationary, dynamic, massage, bio-magnetic and facial rejuvenation cupping, among many others. This modality can be integrated into other bodywork or received as a stand-alone treatment for stubborn conditions and orthopedic injuries. In many applications, the results from cupping protocols are comparable to other expensive and painful treatments.

The gentle pulling action of massage cupping fully engages the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to surrender into deep relaxation. A sense of lightness, warmth, and relaxation often last for hours—or even days—after treatment, I personally love it.

Using suction and negative pressure, a vacuum is created, lifting skin, muscles, and connective tissues. The slow movement of the cups is able to penetrate deep into the muscles and fascia, releasing rigid soft tissue, massaging fascia, and gently loosening adhesions to break up and drain stagnation while increasing blood and lymphatic flow. A cupping treatment offers many of the benefits of deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, abdominal massage and myofascial release not possible using tissue compression.




If the Massage Cup is left in one area too long, a temporary cup mark or bruise can occur and it won’t be the result you are wishing to accomplish so it is best to exercise care easy does it. If you are concerned about how your skin might react, test the product on a part of your body that is not readily exposed. use it for longer than two seconds on each area of your skin, then gradually increase the time to no longer than one minute as you gain experience and here we are speaking of a message, not continuous suction.

Do not use the face cup on pimples, blemishes, open lesions, sunburned or broken skin or on skin inflammation use your common sense.

Drink plenty of water to help your body release toxins by itself.


On a therapeutic level, cupping is beneficial for many health conditions including:



High blood pressure

Sinus congestion

Frozen shoulder

Chronic colon



Sports injuries

Carpal tunnel


Migraines and tension headaches

Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.


It is also beneficial for the treatment of pain, disorders of the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems and to support detoxification.

The increased circulation of blood and lymph, drainage of waste and the loosening of adhesions improves the appearance of varicose veins, scar tissue, and stretch marks and lessens the appearance of dimpling on the thighs, hips, and buttocks associated with cellulite.

Digestive function cupping therapy as a whole may be enhanced by abdominal cupping procedure. This is a very gentle treatment that stimulates the organs and the secretion of digestive fluids, and increases peristaltic movement and promotes better nutrient absorption overall.

The respiratory system responds very well to cupping therapy and breathing can improve for those with asthma. Sinus congestion, infection, and inflammation are directly relieved by the loosening and draining effects of the cups.

Stubborn and painful joint conditions may benefit by the stretching of connective tissues with cupping procedures, it creates an increased circulation and improved secretion of synovial fluid, thereby releasing congestion and stiffness and improving the range of motion in most cases.

Facial rejuvenation therapy has been practiced in Asia, Europe, and Russia for generations.


Cupping aids in detoxification. When the body is subjected to food additives, preservatives, and other external toxins that it is unable to break down and release, the toxins often become stored in the body, increasing an overall sense of malaise or muscle and joint pain.

It is recommended to drink lots of water when you are doing cupping procedures to aid moving toxins out of the body easily.

The suction process of cupping therapy pulls cellular debris and toxic waste to the surface, where it is released through the skin or picked up by the blood and lymph for elimination.

Whether looking for improved flexibility, more vitality, enhanced immune system, increased digestive function or to support detoxification, consider a contemporary cupping treatment and experience feeling lighter and more energized.

Banner with cupping and text


Cupping Body Massage System includes superior medical grade silicone cups. These hand-squeezed vacuum suction cups are based on the healing success of Ancient Chinese Cupping.

First, apply plenty of lotion or oil to the area to facilitate smooth movement and that will help avoid bruising.

Is recommended to start with the softer cup. Begin by squeezing the cup in the middle to create a very light suction. Place the cup’s lip to your skin and release make sure you do this gently and don’t grab to much skin and do not keep the cup in one place with a big suction it may cause a bruise, Move the cup over your skin using straight-line, circular and zigzag movements to massage the area for about eight minutes at a time. Drain the area by moving the cup toward the nearest lymph nodes.



Lymph glands draining direction of Head



Doing this technique doesn’t require any special preparation. The results are dramatic and best done on a consistent daily basis, after the third week be patient start slowly and increase to an everyday routine or at least four times a day, is recommended to start twice a week for the first week and a third day the second week is best to start slow and increase the amount of time so your body can adjust. The massage should not be painful, squeeze the cup so it is comfortable for you.

Gradually increase suction to stimulate circulation, remove stagnation, and release built up “sludge.” Once your skin has become more elastic graduate into the use of a hard cup. Continue to use the softer cup for more sensitive areas such as the arms, stomach, and inner thighs. The hard cup can be used on the back or other less sensitive areas always remember to do the massage in the direction of the Lymph nodes direction for drainage.



According to http://www.bellabaci.com/facial-massage/



There are 2 silicone cups in the Bellabaci Facial Massage System. Start with the softer cup, graduate onto the harder cup after a few weeks once your skin becomes elasticized enough.

Apply cleanser, cream or nourishing oil to your face and neck, to facilitate smooth movement.

Squeeze the cup in the middle, then place the cup’s lips to your skin and release. Congratulations you’ve just given yourself your first Bellabaci kiss.

Massage according to the diagram provided.

Tone your skin afterward.

Use 2-3 times a week for best results.


  • In Bellabaci Facial Massage System There are two superior grade medical silicone cups. It is recommended to start with the softer cup, graduate onto the harder cup after a few weeks once your skin becomes elasticized enough so you don’t create unnecessary pulling of the tissue.
  • To start, apply a generous amount of cleanser, cream or nourishing oil to your face and neck, to facilitate smooth movement. We recommend our Bellabaci Skin Get A Life Genie, a powerful treatment lotion that turns into a luxurious oil, this treatment contains the modalities of Homeopathic and Aromatherapeutic complexes to stimulate skin renewal and repair.
  • By Squeezing the cup in the middle, and then placing the cup’s lips to your skin and release you are on your way. Congratulations you’ve just given yourself your first Bellabaci kiss. Now, remember to keep the cup moving to avoid bruising!
  • Massage according to the diagram provided on the box.
  • Tone your skin afterward. Use 2 – 3 times a week for best results.


When improving blood circulation with the Facial Massage by gently stimulating the fibroblast cells, natural collagen and elastin are produced and improved you must have consistency. Your skin will show a healthy glow Massage the face and neck according to the diagram provided. Apply your favorite toner and anti-aging moisturizer after the Facial Massage completion and enjoy your well-toned glowing skin. 




How to work on Broken capillaries, also known as Telangiectasia, it can negatively have an influence on one’s confidence levels. Broken Capillaries become visible between the ages of 30-50 and sometimes much earlier. The tiny vessels are you find just under the surface of the skin are delicate and can be bruised or damaged quite easily so is best to be gentle with them. Pressure or one of the mentioned factors below may cause them to dilate and break.  Once broken, they veins remain that way and for the most part, cannot constrict back to their normal thickness or repair themselves for so many reasons.


Main Causes of Broken Capillaries:

  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  • Extreme temperature
  • Using too hot of water in the shower or when washing the skin
  • Excessive harsh rubbing of the skin
  • Certain medications such as sinus medications, cortisone
  • Related skin disorders or complications such as Rosacea or Acne
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Allergies (causing excessive sneezing, thus putting pressure on capillaries) and many other reasons


What else contributes to broken capillaries?

Broken capillaries become more prominent as you get more mature because your skin gets thinner due to some collagen loss and there forth with it becomes easier to see the veins. Some conditions can also be hereditary if your parents had problems with telangiectasia rosacea; chances are you may have the experience yourself.

When you have excessive consumption of alcohol over a long time you can increase the blood pressure, causing the veins into dilating.  The repeated dilation may lock the veins in that position.  Broken capillaries may also indicate liver issues.

What you can do apart from using sunscreen, lowering alcohol use, adding gentler facial products and in general being more conscious about is overall behavior. The many options of treatments offered to rid of broken capillaries are sometimes painful and expensive. Some of the testaments offered include Sclerotherapy and laser/IPL treatments and more. Results are not truly guaranteed and for the most part repeated sessions may be required if the results are not accomplished.


How you can treat your broken capillaries more easily and naturally.

One easy way out is to use your Facial Bellabaci Cup set combined with our innovative formula of products designed for this purpose, The Skin Get a Life Genie. The negative pressure from the cup allows new fresh blood and oxygen to help the damaged capillaries, immediately improving the redness, you will notice that as you use your cup, you will observe the vein that looks blue will become red, and then lighter until everything disappears. It almost feels like an illusion as it disappears before your eyes. The Homeopathic Synergies and Aromatic oils in the Genie will also assist to strengthen your skin and reduce visibility and occurrence. Make this a part of your daily routine, just a few minutes per day and your skin will continuously repair itself, also addressing the thickness of your skin by regenerating collagen.









Arteries carry oxygenated blood throughout your body and cannot be impeded or occluded.  Very Important that you take note of the are you are wanting to cup and ensure that you avoid the arteries.

In some areas, the arteries are deeper and are not as worrisome, but in the following areas, the arteries are superficial or closer to the skin and must be avoided as you would occlude the artery if cupped.

Common Carotid (Front/Side of Neck)
Brachial Plexus (Bend of the Elbow)
Femoral Artery ( In the Groin Area or the inside fold of each leg at the pelvis)
The back side of the knee at the bend
Abdominal Aortic Artery


Disclaimer:  The material contained in this website, healthcare individual articles are based upon the opinions of the respective author, who retains copyright as marked. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. No assumptions should be made regarding its accuracy. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information, Any information provided here and any recommendations made should not be used to, nor are intended to, diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any specific health problem.Isabel’s Beauty Blog encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a healthcare professional. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your healthcare professional before using products or modalities based on this content.Isabel’s Beauty Blog is not responsible for the use of, or the result of the use of, the information contained in this website.


This is a fantastic site to visit and learn very safe Cupping procedures and purchase cups also for a great price









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  • Bellabaci massage is a modified and simplified version of the ancient cupping therapy
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  • This massage utilizes the Bellabaci silicone, hand squeezed cups, which create suction on the body surface and moving them in a specified sequence we have created an exciting new treatment, which apart from being different and new it also provides the patient with excellent healing results.






Bellabaci – Video Training & Digital Manual






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Eyebrows tips, tricks, everyday wear, and tattooing


Eyebrows tips and tricks everyday wear and tattooing85406370

This is the week 273 and here we are sharing a post on Eyebrows. In the many years of my makeup career, one of my passions it’s been eyebrows. My point of view is that you can build and change a character with a few strokes, eyebrows not only frame the eyes, they have the ability to create moods of expressions. Here we offer tips and bits of experience and research of years of collective work. We are sharing answers to questions regarding what to look for in cosmetic tattooing work also. Enjoy and please feel free to write us an email at isabelsbeautyblog@gmail.com if you have further questions. It is a lot of information that we edit so we can keep the attention of all walks of readers. We wish to thank you once again for all your support, please remember to share and like It is an important part of our blog.





 Eyebrow Drawing Guidelines


Beginning Of The Brow

Expert advice teaches that eyebrows should start above the inner corner of the eye.  Sometimes the brow is pulled out or in a little depending on how close or wide set the eyes are. This is of importance due to the fact that that proportion can either make the person look cross-eyed if the bridge of the nose is smaller and if the face is round, and the eyebrows are to separate it makes the face look rounder and the eyes smaller . Pulling the brows abnormally close together for the purpose of slimming the nose starts working against you and will make the nose look more prominent or look angry. Some beauty tips say to put a pencil straight up from the outer edge of the nose, but may not be so accurate  because there are too many variations in nose width.  A little more precision is needed if it will be a permanent eyebrow because it is there to stay, is a good rule of thumb to have the technician draw the eyebrows in first to give you the look that will be final, because once is there  is not much to take the power of desition in your hands, cut pictures from a magazine or bring references to the actual day so you have what you want everyone has their own taste of what a good look is but it may not be for you just take a look at how many “Beauty” procedures go wrong it may look good in their eyes but not on you , better safe than sorry,. I mark the center and measure distance from this point to the start of each brow. This works most of the time. However, nothing can be taken as ever, never or always and  you can make adjustments before you draw it ll the way, is some great stencils that you can use to try different looks.




Stencil work

You can always use stencils to shape the eyebrows if the proportions are too much to handle on an everyday basis, you can get them on Amazon or Ebay for very little money and some like the ones below in the picture are adhesive so it give you more flexibility , be gentle when you remove them so you don’t pull the delicate skin of the eyelid, these stencils are good to use for plucking  hair also.



Arch Of The Brow


The break of the eyebrow arch should be in the area above the outer edge of the iris while focusing straight ahead. This will be a little short of two-thirds. You can move the arch out a tad to widen that side of the face, or for other preferences, keep in mind a balance. Beauty tips often say 2/3, or to line a pencil from the outer edge of the nose going up along the outside of the iris and breaking where the pencil hits. The two-thirds is one-fourth inch too far out for the average face. The pencil or a long brush from the nose puts the arch even farther than 2/3 unless you are making an extra long wrap around the temple brow. Again, there are variations in nose width that would fan the pencil in or out. Other variations include length of the eyes and how close or wide set they are.


The shape of the brow and the entire arch should be seen from the front of the face. The head should not have to be rotated to see the whole brow. The last half inch may start disappearing from the frontal view, but not an inch or more. Too many faces have the arch out too far. It looks like that part of the head was stretched out horizontally, or the brows are too big for their face. It also makes the eye length look shorter. We don’t want to return to the 50’s center arch and look surprised. The best look for the arch is almost two-thirds. Factors that affect the need to move it in or out a little bit include brow size and shape, sharp or smooth arch, face size, and face shape.


Ending Of The Brow



The tail end of the brow is marked by placing a pencil or a brush from the center of the lip traveling up along the edge of the outer eye. The mark is made on the inside of the pencil. Variations in face length, face width, eye length, and how close or wide set the eyes are may require moving this mark in or out . Most Beauty tips say to go from the outer edge of the nose, but noses have different widths that would cause this line to fan in or out. The center of the lip stays the same.Is many different looks that can be accomplished by lifting or lowering the outside tip of the brow you can rather lift or drooped the look of the eye and the face for that matter.


According to most eyebrow experts, the ending tip of the eyebrow should be at the same level as the beginning, this can vary depending on the effect you wish to accomplish. A small difference is not noticeable, and the contours of the skeletal structure and fat pads may dictate some modifications. An example is, tails ending lower than a small amount below the beginning look sad or aged. my dear friend Leonard Engelman once told me that he likes to end the tail of the brows a bit higher than the inside if the brow that made the eyes more a life I fully trust him with any tips he is an amazingly talented makeup artist that has many stars under his belt Cher for one Anne Margaret, Meg Ryan and so many more he is very tasteful and incredibly skilled artist.




Eyebrow Styles


Basic Eyebrow Shape Guidelines

Eyebrow measurement guidelines are meant to assist in optimizing an individual’s brow shape, there are many companies that offer stencils to aid with shape if you have any doubts. For maintaining brow hair growth in the designed shape when considering  permanent eyebrow tattoo, working with the hair growth pattern is preferred to shaving and redrawing most likely you will be happier. The eyebrows do not have to be shaved to apply permanent cosmetics Tattoo needles go around and between the hairs when it is done correctly. The eyebrow shape can be enhanced toward the shape desired by coloring high in the hairs at the arch, in the middle or as needed in other parts. If a part of the eyebrow, such as the outer portion, does not allow the shape you want, then you can tweeze . The outer brow hair is usually sparse and not an issue for many people. Hair in the inner portion is usually plentiful, and at least part of the hair growth should be incorporated into the design. Eyebrows are drawn on first. When you are happy with the drawn on design, permanent makeup is applied on top of it, using it as a pattern or guide. You may draw them yourself, or let the tattoo artist help you. If there is a particular shape and thickness you want, bring pictures from a magazine to your appointment. This will save time and eliminate any miscommunication about your preferences.


Drawing Eyebrows For Face Shapes And Facial Features

Uneven eyebrows may affect the shape you wish to attain. We are all born with one eyebrow shaped differently than the other, like one side of the face is different than the other or one brow higher than the other. Uneven eyebrow height usually occurs later in life as a result of the aging process. One side of the face will be lower than the other, and it is almost always the side you sleep on. The pressure on the skin decreases circulation for hours while sleeping, plus the skin gets pulled and slid around when I work on faces, I can always tell the side they sleep on. They usually have a crease and definitely sags more, as a well-known dermatologist that I visited told me that was my weak side! Ah didn’t like that. Women often appear to have uneven eyebrows because of the habitual raising of the forehead muscles – one side higher than the other –  Interestingly, the brow that women raise higher is actually the brow that is lower in the relaxed position . The muscle gets stronger and stronger, able to raise the brow higher and higher. Remember what Mom said is that if you keep making faces your face will freeze that way?  Some of the brow-raising women cannot relax their forehead muscles when they try and not only affects the brows it also affects the creases we make. Sometimes, older women are raising eyebrows to open the eyes more to see better that is one of the trades that plastic surgeons look for when assessing the eyes for a lift, and by the way, Insurance covers the upper blepharoplasty lid surgery the reason being off site obstruction !!. Sagging upper eyelids weigh down the eye and decrease, a visual field a test will show that lateral  peripheral and superior upper vision is affected. If the eyebrow is sagging below the brow bone orbital rim, insurance may pay for a direct brow lift (incision above the brow – not an entire forehead lift).

If one eyebrow is lower than the other or shaped a little differently, you have three choices:

1) Leave them uneven because you want all your real hairs to be growing in the permanent makeup area

2) Make small modifications to improve symmetry (color high on the low side and color low on the high side) – a compromise that would reduce but not eliminate eyebrow hairs in the cosmetic tattoo area, and may still be a little asymmetric

3)Remember we are not Robots similar eyebrows is good exactly the same no so good, it looks weird


Many women have not noticed that their eyebrows are not the same, and are less likely to notice it on other people. On the other hand, there are some eyebrow obsessed fanatics that are as upset over a one hair difference as an anorexic is with a one-ounce weight gain. We want to get the two eyebrows as similar as possible, but each side of the face is different – which is why it is of importance to keep it in mind  and it can be time-consuming to draw the eyebrows the same every morning. The shape of the skull differs from one side to the other in the curvature of the frontal to temporal bone, the prominence of the brow ridge, and the indentation above it each side of the body is different for a reason,masculine, and feminine, left and right has a different use and development. The contour of fat tissue is also different on each side. Each side of the face has its own set of muscles, nerves, and blood supply. Often, one side will be the dominant, stronger side. A person will typically raise the same brow to vary degrees all day long without realizing it. This adds to the challenge of drawing eyebrows evenly each day. Women tend to raise a brow when focusing in on something – like themselves in the mirror. One side of the forehead muscles tenses unnoticeably as you concentrate and become irritated by multiple attempts to complete the task. When you finally reach a satisfactory result, you go finish the morning routine. One last glance in the mirror and AYYYY ! they are uneven after you relaxed the muscles. The eyebrows are going to be in varying positions all day as you work and interact with others, especially if you have a tendency to be very expressive.

A note of caution: When drawing your eyebrows in preparation for cosmetic tattooing, this same thing can happen. The brows can be drawn on; look even, tattooed, and then later looks uneven. One of two scenarios can occur. 1) The muscles were tense and raising the skin unevenly at the time the eyebrows were drawn. They were thought to be even and were even – in the tensed muscle state. Once relaxed, they are uneven. 2) The muscles were relaxed at the time the eyebrows were drawn. They were thought to be even and were even – in the relaxed muscle state. Once you return to your normal raised brow position, they are uneven, so is a very good measure to pay attention to the process so you don’t want to erase your artist from the face of the earth, a well trained professional will be swear off this habits.

If a person raises a brow briefly or occasionally, the brows should be drawn evenly in the relaxed position. If a person keeps the same brow raised almost all the time, the raised side can be drawn slightly lower and flatter to compensate. If you are drawing the eyebrows yourself, do it hours before your appointment so you will have plenty of time to recheck them. If you are letting the permanent makeup artist draw your brows, your forehead will be most relaxed while gazing downward at the floor (but keep the head up straight). Don’t close your eyes because the lack of visual stimuli makes you more sensitive to touch and forehead muscles will tense when you have nothing better to do than wonder what is going on with your eyebrow shaping. Looking at the artist or straight ahead may cause the muscle to tense and raise a brow.

face exercises


Repeated facial expressions leave wrinkles in the skin. The forehead over the raised brow will have more wrinkles and/or a different pattern of wrinkles. A person could try to break the brow raising habit by training not to react with the forehead. Placing a strip of tape( brownies)  upward from the brows can serve as a reminder every time you contract the muscles. Botox shots paralyze the muscle to prevent contraction and give the skin a chance to smooth out. It also helps the muscle forget what it was constantly doing (raising) and helps weaken the too strong hyperactive forehead muscles. It wears off in about four months for most people are different. After many repeated injections, it begins lasting longer and the muscle may become permanently paralyzed Mhmm!.  Vendors of facial exercising gadgets like Flex Effect tell us that deteriorating facial muscles cause facial sagging and that exercising these muscles will lift and tone the face, and increase circulation to feed nutrients to the skin.I like Microcurrent to retrain the muscles it really works and very fast. Lack of muscle use leads to atrophy. Daily exercise, which would contribute to strengthening the facial muscles and increase circulation is a great approach. There are electronic muscle stimulators like the Face master from Suzanne Somers that can give maximum muscle contraction with minimal skin disturbance in the contrary it will regenerate the muscles and the overall of the face. My opinion is that occasional Botox injections are beneficial for preventing wrinkles, but the muscles should be given a period of normal activity before repeat injections. How long the time lapse should depend on the severity of the case.



Botox is used in various areas for specific effects. Injected into certain locations of the forehead, it can raise the eyebrows. If botox is raising the brows at the time they are drawn for the eyebrow tattoo, the brow placement and shape will be different after the botox wears off. An eyebrow tattoo should be timed before or after the brow raising technique is in effect unless you plan to have repeated injections forever. Worth mentioning is that when the brow is raised by botox, it pulls the arch out in the spot that the botox determines, it can make the arch too far out by the pull and the shape looks a little odd.


Choosing an eyebrow color

Perhaps you change shades of hair color throughout the year and are concerned about the shade of permanent eyebrow color. The implanted color will coordinate with slight to moderate hair color changes. For more drastic hair color changes (red to brown,etc), all it takes is an appointment with your cosmetic tattoo artist after the appointment with your hairdresser, keep in mind the hair color changes so you keep up with the initial choice. You can change your eyebrow color in the same amount of time it took to color your hair. If you expect a drastic color change to be temporary, you might want to apply  temporary eyebrow color on top of the eyebrow tattoo during this time.

The guideline is to choose eyebrow color 1 – 2 shades lighter than head hair, unless you are blonde or gray, in which case you would choose a couple shades darker. You are not matching the color of your eyebrow hairs, merely creating a shadow behind it.I prefer their shades so they look more natural like real hair shades.

For women with little or no eyebrow hairs, the best technique will be to use at least two to three shades of color drawing Hairstrokes.!!! ideally not a plank of solid color it looks very unnatural and heavy. Multiple colors prevent the ‘blackened in’ look, and hairs are not just one color – they have many shades. The planned eyebrow shape should not be outlined, then filled in — this produces a “coloring book” look (the way children outline & fill in). Using the brushstroke technique for eyebrow cosmetic tattooing results in a very natural appearance. The edges will be more feathery instead of a sharp painted on look. The most natural looking brows are made by using 2-3 tonnes of brushstrokes on a soft powdery base shape.


“Layering” describes subsequent touch-up visits for a few additional strokes of same (monochromatic) or similar (analogous) color to produce varied depth and dimension. The monochromatic look is variations of lightness and saturation of a single color. The analogous look is one color being used as the dominant color and similar colors are used to enrich the look. The analogous scheme is similar to the monochromatic but provides more contrast. Recent strokes blending with older strokes which are fading off produces an awesome dimensional look. When this maintenance is performed on a regular basis (2-3yrs light blondes, 4-5yrs medium browns, 6-7yrs dark browns & black), you only pay a touch up layering price which is half. If you wait until the brow color is all or almost all faded off, the work is the same as a new job. If you want to reshape the brow, let it fade off as much as possible and do the different color strokes with temporary eyebrow colors. Don’t forget the fact that in three or four years the brows may have changed their shape or amount of hair.

Eyebrows are so important in the expressions and shaping of the eyes and face ,they play a dominant role. Eyebrows not only suggest a variety of moods but can also show your stages of age, emotional reactions and state of mind. If they are too thick, too thin, or arched incorrectly, you can look tired, depressed, angry, or surprised. Cartoon artists and theater makeup artists rely heavily on the eyebrows and mouth to not only convey feelings but also to help create the illusion of the character to be portrayed. Certain eyebrows and mouths are associated with certain personalities: smart, dumb, strong, weak, evil/mean/scary, nice, glamorous, young, older, and on and on. For instance, a skinny brow highly placed and highly arched would be more suitable for a damsel in distress than a woman of power – which would need a stronger brow placed low to medium with less arch. The villain usually has angry eyebrows. To make someone look like an alien from another planet, they usually upswing the tail or remove the brows altogether.

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 Not so good brows






wow-what-happenedThe surprised or startled look is avoided by placing the peak of the arch closer to two-thirds out instead of in the center of the eyebrow, and not over exaggerating it. A highly arched rounded half-moon arches have vein used for clowns for an example. Eyebrows that end higher than the beginning can look angry, devious, or alien-like Spock on Star Trek. Eyebrow tails that end too low have a whiny, sad or depressed  giving up look. You want your brows to represent you well. If the tail is too short, the brows look unfinished or like part of it was wiped off accidentally and don’t support your eyes. The tail should not be too long either – some people extend them way out through the temples like in the 1930’s. Brows should be a little thicker at the beginning and taper in thinner towards the arch. The tail continues tapering into the end. The beginning of the eyebrow should be above the inner corner of the eye, and should not have a downward hook that makes the brow look like you are frowning . That look closes  the eye and makes it look smaller.

Have you ever noticed the many different eyebrow shapes? Do you know what you do or don’t like? How much curve or arch do you like? How smooth or sharp do you like the arch? Do you like your eyebrow styles thin, medium, or thick? The eyebrow pictures will provide comparisons. It is a good idea to collect photos of different eyebrows and match it to your style of face and the expressions that you are habitual with so at the end of your decision they go with your persona  instead of obviously not belonging on your face, it will be too late and they should be a complement.

Beauty tips are only suggestions, and it is wise to follow your choices with the help of a well trained professional. I recommend a couple of opinions at least in the case of permanent and nonpermanent eyebrow shaping. Don’t forget that in many cases when tweezing hair may not GROW BACK !They are not laws that the fashion police will enforce is your face and your confidence at taking here. If the beauty book says this face shape needs a sharper arch, and that face shape needs a rounded arch, but the eyebrow hairs don’t grow that way,use discretion and don’t make the fast decisions hat you can regret. We all have our favorite type of brow, and cannot insist everyone else wear their eyebrows the way we would like to see them. The goal is to get the basics right and make it look natural.

I get a lot of clients that want eyebrows that are not possible to create or look just very very wrong, so I show them the difference and for the most part they change their minds once they see it.


Eye brow Buddy

The Brow Buddy 


Tools and tips that we suggest



The space between

The eyes determine if they are average, close set, or wide set. The distance between the eyes is normally the width of one eye. When the eyes are close set, the brows can be groomed further apart so the space between is the width of one eye to create the appearance of more widely spaced eyes. When the eyes are wide set, the eyebrows can be groomed closer together so the space between is the width of one eye to create the appearance of more closely spaced eyes.

Typically, the eyebrow begins above the inner corner of the eye. A tad shorter or longer is ok as long as it isn’t too much. The differences between the two sides of the face can affect the look of symmetry on this also. Women can carefully place each eyebrow to begin above the inner corner of each eye, and then spend a lot of time trying to figure out why it doesn’t look right. Women will zero in on the center spot above the nose and view length of distance to the right for the beginning of that eyebrow, and length of distance to the left for the beginning of that eyebrow. One brow will look like it comes in closer to the center than the other, but both are at the same point above the inner corner of the eye. The challenge here is that one side of the face has a greater distance between the center of the nose bridge and the inner corner of the eye – more so on some than others so here you can use a stencil to me sure it isotherm tools in the market that can aid with this desition.

Mark the center spot above the center of the nose bridge. Don’t look down the nose for a straight line because many noses lean off to one side or the other. With a flexible measuring tape, measure millimeters to the left to a general starting point above the inner corner of that eye, then mark the same millimeters to the other eye. Depending on how much difference in length there is to each eye, compromise a couple of millimeters the direction needed on both sides so that they are both about the same distance from the center starting point try to draw it in and then make a decision and changes keeping in mind the asymmetry of the face. It has been my experience that women are happier with a symmetrical distance from the center point than symmetrically placed above the inner corner of the eye.


Eyebrows for different face shapes

The principles behind particular eyebrow shapes for different face shapes are really quite simple. To achieve harmony, we incorporate five principles of art and design: 1) Proportion – the appreciation of line and scale to give the illusion of better proportions of facial shape and features. 2) Balance – the observance of equilibrium to balance the face. 3) Emphasis – making the brow a focal point to detract attention from other features. 4) Rhythm – the flow and movement of brow lines to create harmony in relation to facial structure. 5) Unity – the coordination of smooth lines and sharp angles to unite all aspects for a total look as a whole.






















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