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 Anna Rummel Tenenbaum 


Anna Rummel Tenenbaum connected deeply with the healing power of plants as a child in the beautiful mountains of Montana. Since that early period, her interest has grown into her life’s work, passion and expertise.  Anna is a holistic esthetician & herbalist and owner of Apothecary Esthetics, a skincare and wellness studio in the heart of Missoula, Mt. She is trained in multiple skincare, wellness and botanical modalities including herbalism, aromatherapy & Reiki. Anna is passionate about helping others to relax, & to connect with plants as allies.  When Anna is not giving facials & creating custom natural skincare, she enjoys spending time with her four children.


Apothecary Beauty Series

Sacred Flowers part I



To behold a flower is to look into the essence of beauty itself. In the blossom’s delicate perfection we are reminded of our own true nature. Throughout history, humans have utilized flowers to enhance our physical beauty. We gather their blooms, bathe in their sweet petals, brew teas and tinctures, extracts and essences, we distill them for oils and aromas that awaken our senses and inspire our most divine beauty rituals.

What is it about the flower that moves us so deeply and symbolizes the truest and highest forms of love? Whether her blossoms be humble and sweet or dazzling and magnificent the flower inspires. Flower blossoms awaken physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves which are deeply healing and rejuvenating. When we are nourished on these levels, we may find ourselves shifting from a survival mode of stress and strife, to a place of thriving. Flowers teach us to open our hearts, to allow our inner light to shine and our beauty to blossom. They nourish and feed our skin, our hearts, and our spirits.

Humans’ connection with flowering plants may in fact be the true origin of our concept of beauty. The beauty of a flower is by design, it’s purpose being attraction. The showier and more beautiful the flower, the more likely it’s is to draw the attention of a pollinator and further it’s species. In nature, beauty means health. Humans are attracted to the beauty and aroma of flowers and because of this attraction we keep them near us, assisting them in their evolutionary process. Certainly our relationship with flowers is mutually beneficial. We have cultivated certain flowers for centuries and incorporated them into many facets of our lives, health, cultures and religions, being truly enriched by their beauty. The flowers have been rewarded for attracting us , as their biological imperative is to continue their species. All via the simple metaphor of beauty. It is beautiful to consider that flowers have attracted us to them, and what beautiful gifts we receive in the process!




The Botany of Desire

The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World



Michael Pollan’s book The Botany of Desire discusses this flower human connection in depth and I highly recommend it, it’s a wonderful and compelling read.

While each and every flower contains a deep beauty, unique and precious, there are a few species which stand out as goddesses amongst the others. They are flowers that have attracted humans to them for eons and have a rich history of cultural significance, spiritual symbolism, and each contains precious compounds valuable for our physical beauty. How poetic that these most beautiful flowers are key to our own loveliness! Our foremothers knew the secrets that these goddess flowers posses and modern scientific analysis substantiates these truths.

Incorporating these sacred flowers into your daily beauty regimen will enhance and preserve your beauty as you receive the physical and energetic gifts contained with the petals. This is a fabulous way to indulge and honor your inner goddess! We begin the series on Sacred flowers with Rose, known as the queen of flowers. Rose is precious for her skin soothing anti-aging properties. She is revered in many cultures and has a rich history of symbolism and represents love across the world. What better way to enrich our own beauty than to lavish ourselves with Rose! Each of us can benefit from rose’s message of love.

Rose helps us to open our hearts and let our inner radiance shine.








Rose is an ancient symbol of love and beauty. Her divine aroma is one of the most sought after and rose is rich valuable anti-aging compounds.

Love planted a rose and the world turned sweet. -Katherine Lee Bates

Historical Use of Rose for Beauty & health Rose blossoms have been used for health and beauty throughout history. Rose essential oil and rose water are believed to have originally been distilled in ancient Persia where it was used for beauty, medicinally and in food preparation. Ancient Egyptians so love the Rose that it was called the “Flower of Egypt.” It was believed to have a powerful aphrodisiac effect which could reach into the afterlife. A healing rose salve was made from boiling rose petals down into a thick oily substance and which was then used for many beauty and healing purposes. Rose is the flower of the goddess Isis, symbolizing love and healing.

Cleopatra loved roses and was said to have had her bed strewn in fresh roses daily. Undoubtedly her famed beauty was enhanced with the help of Rose. When she sailed away from her love Mark Anthony, the sails of Cleopatra’s boats were soaked in rose water. They wafted an aroma that is remembered to this day!

The Ancient Romans had over 32 medicinal uses for the Rose. The Ancient Romans and Greeks preferred to bathe in rosewater baths.

In Ayurveda the tea of Rosa damascena has been used as a laxative, blood purifier and tonic for the digestive and reproductive organs. Rose is cooling and toning and used in poultices for skin irritation,

The wild rose, native to North America has traditional medicinal & beauty use, particularly as anti- inflammatory eyewash and for stomach upset and diarrhea ( flowering parts). The fruits of the wild rose were a highly valued source of vitamin c.

Damask Rose, native to France was traditionally made into a syrup to aid in digestion and as an eyewash and eye lotion. Of course, the essential oil of damask ride or Rose Attar has long been highly prized for perfume and in aromatherapy.

Modern use of Rose for Beauty and Health


Rose has many beneficial properties, making it an ideal herb to enhance beauty. Used both externally as a wash, essential oil, tea or extract and internally as a tincture, syrup, jelly or tea Rose is highly astringent. This property makes Rose valuable to tissue and mucous membranes, whether internal- the stomach and gut, or external~ the skin. The concept of an astringent is often misunderstood as drying or oil reducing, but in fact astringents help to tone or pull together tissue which is no longer doing its job effectively. The walls of the epidermal cells are tightened which allows them to function properly. This means that nutrient absorption is improved, oil production balanced, cellular metabolism and circulation improve, allowing proper detox and nourishment.

With proper use of a true astringent, the condition and appearance of the skin is greatly improved and balanced. Rose is anti inflammatory and antioxidant making it ideal for anti aging use, it helps to protect from free radical damage and oxidative stress. Oxidative stress = collagen and elastin breakdown and wrinkles.

Rose is strengthening to the capillaries making it useful for inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Rose has antibacterial properties making it an excellent wash for skin infections, wound care and for acneic skin types.

Rose is excellent for mature skin types, it is emollient and moisturizing as well as toning. It’s high vitamin c content promotes elasticity and helps to prevent dryness and wrinkles.






Rose Preparations

essential oil:

rose oil


Rose essential oil is one of the most valuable and sought after essential oils. Its delicate sweet aroma awakens the senses and soothes nerves. It is uplifting, romantic and useful for depression.

Rose petals yield very little oil and it is for this reason that the essential oil is so precious. It takes almost one ton of Rose petals to yield one quart of essential oil!

Rose essential oil can be used very sparingly, one drop is extremely fragrant and goes a long way. When blended with a fixed oil or added to a lotion, there are few botanicals more useful for dry, aging or depleted skin. It will preserve the youth of your skin and awaken inner joy! Rose uplifts the spirit, opens the heart and allows the inner light to shine. Helpful for depression and grief. Rose carries a luxurious and sensuous energy. Treat yourself to a bath with a few drops of true Rose oil to truly pamper.

Because Rose oil is so precious, there are many imposters on the market. True Rose oil is always sold for a price that reflects its value. Find my favorite here: https://www.youngliving.org/annarummel






Rose Water:


Rose water or Rose distillate is the by product of essential oil distillation. The hydrophilic or water loving properties of Rose are contained within this lovely floral water. Extremely soothing for the skin, Rose water makes and excellent toner, aftershave or addition to a bath. This wonderful preparation has many of the benefits of the essential oil or extract without the extravagant price tag. Please note that many so called Rose waters are simply water with a fragrance added. Please take care to ensure that you acquire true Rose water or make your own. Find

directions here:




Rosehips and Rosehip seed oil:


Wild Rosehips grow in abundance in my home Montana; I grew up gathering then in the autumn after the first solid frost and made a tea from them to keep strong for the winter months to due to their high Vitamin C content. Rosehip seed oil is wonderfully dry oil, meaning it penetrates deeply and leaves no greasy residue. It supports tissue and cell regeneration making it excellent for aging, sensitive or damaged skin. It is high in EFAs and antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals. This oil is amazing in preventing premature aging, protecting the skin from environmental stressors and restoring elasticity.



Rose Flower Essence:


Flower essences are a delightful way to invite the healing energy of the rose into your love on a vibrational level:

Living Flower Essences says this about their wild rose essence:

Wild Rose invites you to open your heart and receive the love that is already inherent within you. Helps you to move beyond your miseries and to face your deepest heartaches. Find your passion for being alive and give yourself to love, nourishing your heart, mind, body and soul.



Rose flower essence is very helpful for those who have fallen into a closed, depressed state. This is a long term state, those who have accepted that this is the way that things have always been. Rose helps to restore joy and allow one to open their heart once again. The inner light is allowed to shine, Opening the heart chakra and receiving the light of universal love once again.

The thorns of the Rose symbolize healthy boundaries which make it possible for us to open our heart in a way that is safe and comfortable. The flower essence of Rose can help those who have been impacted by unrealistic and unhealthy cultural besuty ideals. For those of us who look in the mirror thinking that we should look better, thinner, younger ect… Rose helps one to embrace the unique natural beauty that resides in the heart and radiates outward. True beauty.


Triple Rose delight:

1 oz Rose water

1 dropper Rose flower essence

2 drops pure Rose essential oil

2 drops cardamom essential oil

Combine all parts in a glass measuring cup or beaker. Stir gently to combine.

Store in a glass spray bottle and use as a toner, a refreshing and cleansing room spray and for aromatherapy purposes. Must yourself frequently.



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