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As per popular request, we are starting a series of posts about application, tips and different kinds of concealers and their qualities. w We are not claiming to know each one that is offered in the market, just the ones we have experienced in years of working with the different textures and skin. Further more, I often tend to use (when it allows for it) foundations of different shades to conceal due to the fact that I believe the textures and formulation get along with each other. Ultimately it is an individual choice and skill to blend and try what works for you.
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Different kinds of concealers and their uses :

Concealers are probably one of the greatest factors in creating the illusion of a flawless finish look in make up. The product formula is critical. With that being said, concealer formulas and texture give you a different coverage and lasting time on your skin, and all skins are different in that matter. Another consideration is the fact that we mix concealers with foundation and in many cases with powders or matting agents and all the products should get along with, not to mention, the difference in tones and textures that we must blend to give the appearance of natural flawless look. All of these factors should be taken in consideration to achieve a successful outcome.

Now lets talk about a few kinds of concealers and their qualities

Stick concealer:

Is one of the most common and popular, do to the fact that it is easy to carry and for the most part is used without a brush. I don’t recommend that habit do to contamination of your product, I will leave that up to your discretion.

Lets continue with the description of our product.

Stick concealer gives you great coverage, and usually the formula is moist enough yet has enough pigment that gives you coverage and correction on discoloration and hyper pigmentation. Always make sure that the texture goes well with the rest of the make up you are using and if you use concealer without foundation just for correction, make sure that it is well blended and it doesn’t look like a patch.




Glo Minerals Brightener Highlight Concealer





Phyris Time Control Concealer 50ml




Osmosis Colour Age Defying Treatment Concealer










Tube concealer:

Usually it is a more moisturizing formula due to the nature of the ingredients. It is very versatile due to its texture. It can give you a lot of coverage or you can sheer it out to give it a lighter amount of coverage. It all depends on the look you wish to achieve. Tube concealer is more likely to blend with other products that you may use to achieve a full makeover.

You can layer this product to accomplish the coverage that you desire, make sure you blend it well and take in consideration the texture and formula of the foundation, blush, and if you use powder or a matting product that should work together as well.


If you use  a powder foundation or a non oil foundation tube concealer, it must be addressed in a very gentle and skillful way. If you don’t want a demarcation or an unnatural look, that screams poorly done make up, adding more attention to the area that you want to conceal in the first place.






Rockin Beauty Full Cover-Xtreme Anti-Age Concealer Light 8ml







Pot concealer:

Now this formula gives you a fuller coverage. The formula varies from creamy all the way to dry. So it greatly depends on the texture of your choice and the other product that will be used with and what you wish to cover, smell, color, matching with skin etc.


You may want to try it with the rest of the products you wear to see that they all get along and the duration of it on your skin is what you desire. That is a very important consideration, so in an hour or two the product doesn’t separate or overwhelm the rest of your make up and is sitting on top making a big statement on creases or details that you don’t wish to emphasize.



100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Long Lasting Concealer




Emani HD Corrective Concealer




YoungBlood Ultimate Concealer





Colorescience Mineral Corrector Palette – Light to Medium


Wand concealer:

I consider this product to be one of the sheerest of all the formulas. It gives you the least coverage, on the other hand it is easy to blend and a great choice for people that want to conceal details and don’t wear foundation or minimally so.


Make sure you discard product after a month of use, due to contamination. In my experience it starts to dry out and no longer does what it was set up to do in the first place.




100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer w/ SPF20




Glo Minerals LUXE Liquid Bright Concealer



Mavala Concealer







Here we mention a few products that we have experienced and feel comfortable recommending. We will do a post on how to choose the ideal match for the different color skin and foundations undertones to aid with blending.

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