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In this post we are sharing the relationship of a main organ THE LUNG, with skin and important factors of our health. When I first started studying acupuncture and Chinese Medicine I was reminded that every part of our body is interconnected and has a very important role, here we have a bit of the Lung story, enjoy and share

In Chinese medicine, our skin is directly connected with the lungs.  That means that the skin breathes.  And the health of the lungs is of great importance to our skin longevity.The Lung has to do with boundary, breath and renewal.

The skin is like an outer lung and the pores are seen as the ‘doors of Qi’. The skin also breathes and exchanges substances with the outer environment. Its healthy functioning is seen as an aspect of Lung function. Beneath the skin the protective energy known as Wei Qi is said to circulate, defending the body against invasion from pathogenic forces.

The Lung’s paired Organ, the Colon, is concerned with release and elimination. The Lung and Colon together are related to immunity, the strength of the protective boundary. Pathogens most easily enter through the respiratory and digestive systems and the Lung and Colon are responsible for maintaining the integrity of these systems so that they are not penetrated by invaders. According to Chinese medicine, the body’s defensive energy is directly dependent on the strength of the Lung and Colon.Another organ that the Lung works with is the Spleen. After receiving food nutrients from the Spleen, the Lung mix them with the air you breath to create healthy QI. It then sends the healthy Qi to the rest of the Organs and throughout the entire body. The remaining impure Qi is expelled through the nose, your pores, and the large intestine.

When is Lung imbalance, it means your Lungs ability to distribute and regulate internal water flow by turning some of the Qi into moisture. After receiving nutrients from the Spleen , the Lungs transform this form of QI into a fine mist that permeates the body from head to toe, inward toward the center of your body and outward to the surface of your skin. It produces the soft, dewey, and lustrous appearance that your skin craves, when this delicate balance is off its like a plant without water.

Whereas the Spleen is archetypally related to the mother, the Lung is archetypally related to the father. Traditionally it is the father who teaches a sense of self-value and helps us to leave home and find our place in the world. Good fathering teaches boundary, and helps with individuation and separation from the mother. The Lung is therefore concerned with feelings of self-esteem and respect for both ourselves and others. Knowing who we are, believing in our self-worth and taking our place in the world are all part of the realm of the Lung.

Finally, the Lung’s role as boundary-keeper may be metaphorically extended to the boundaries we keep in our own home. Well-maintained fences, sensible security, clean windows and a well-kept exterior are domestic expressions of Lung energy.


Lung Imbalance Affecting Its Opening and Regulating Affect on the Water Pathways:

 The lung is situated in the upper burner and referred to as the upper source of water. If lung qi fails to descend, it cannot open and regulate the water pathways and ensure the unobstructed transportation of fluids to the bladder. Signs of water stagnation will inevitably ensue, such as phlegm buildup, a puffy face, edema, or inhibited urination. As the Neijing points out: “Lung qi disperses jing; in the upper part of the body, it is rooted in the lung; below, it feeds into the bladder.” The lung disseminates essential fluids: physiological jing (essence), jin (body fluids), and ye (body humors). At the same time, it feeds into and excretes superfluous fluids from the body via the bladder. Lung malfunction therefore can easily cause pathological changes in water metabolism, particularly bladder function.






Dryness Affecting the Lung Causing a Depletion of Liquids and Humors: External conditions like environmental cold, heat, and dryness, or internal dryness of the lung or large intestine all have the potential to injure the fluid supply of the body and cause dryness symptoms in the nose, throat, lungs, skin, body hair, or intestines. The Neijing comments: “The lung has a natural aversion to dryness.” In addition to being easily harmed by dryness, it passes on the condition as symptoms of dryness elsewhere.






Grief and Sadness Harming the Lung: Grief, sadness, and melancholy are associated with the lung. If one indulges in these emotional states, harm to the lung network will result and symptoms of emaciation, lack of energy, or dry skin. The other way around, a low supply of lung qi can cause a gloomy state of mind. A particularly sad experience, moreover, may cause a person to adopt a pessimistic attitude toward life (which is really a state of dampened qi). “If a person is sad,” it is said in the Neijing, “his qi will dissipate.”

If you have gone through, or are currently going through, a great deal of grief, sadness or loss and has not been able to “cut off” or resolve the connection you may have weakened Lung or Protective Wei Qi. Disharmonies associated with weak Lung Qi may appear as shortness of breath, chronic lung illnesses [or a chronically low general immune system] and a chronic cough. An important raw formula that helps in replenishing the Lung Qi Depletion would be the Immune & Energy Enhancement Formula.

Emotionally there is likely to be constraint and sadness, perhaps a hiding within one’s boundary. There may be lack of self-esteem, harsh judgment of both self and others and failure to respect or understand one’s own and others’ boundaries. Dignity may turn to false pride, leaving a person feeling alone and separate. It may be hard to claim a place in the world.



lungs table



Lung Disorders Influencing the Nose, Throat, and Large Intestine: If the lung is unable to disseminate enough fluids to its associated fu organ below, the large intestine, or if the fluids are scorched by lung heat, there will be constipation, consequently the skin will suffer from the toxins accumulated.


digestive system on white back




Lung complementary organ : large Intestine

The lungs govern the desire for structure and boundaries, so a lung type’s personality is also well defined and structured. The lung types keep their emotions in check and they intellectualize their feelings, they are usually contain and controlled.
Skin issues Nourish the Lungs

Skin issues Nourish the Lungs

The role of the lung for healthy skin:

Healthy lungs are personified in glowing skin, due to Lung’s primary responsibility, which is to nourish and maintain healthy pore size, skin and proper breathing among many other rolls

Eastern medicine has an expansive concept of the role of the Lung. The believe is that the Lungs are responsible for all parts of the body that “Breath”. This includes the skin, the largest organ of the body, with pores that cover us from head to toe. Consequently when the Lungs are healthy your skin is soft and dewy and your pore size is even.When the Lungs are weak, your skin changes texture and quality. It becomes thick or thin, dull or blemish, dry or oily. Damage to your Lungs can happen in many ways, weather conditions, especially overexposure to wind, cold, and heat aside from pollution like cigarette smoke etc. Excessive sadness or grief, due to the combination of emotional turmoil and too many tears, affects the Lungs and it can have a profound impact on Lung types.
As with all organs, the imbalance of one organ can impact the Lungs. Spleen dampness or Kidney weakness are the conditions most likely to interfere with Lung Qi. by the same token, a weakness in the Lungs can negatively impact the large intestine, which is why Lung types are prone to bowel issues.
Western medicine believes we are all born with a skin type – normal, oily, dry, a combination of oily and dry, or sensitive that it  is yours for life and doesn’t change much. Eastern medicine sees it different. Chinese doctrine says we are all born with normal skin. When skin becomes oily, dry, or a combination of both, or is sensitive it is not destiny or skin condition we just pick up, it is most likely due to Lung Qi imbalance.
The skin, as part of the Lung system, can be nourished by rubbing with a good cotton towel or dry brushing will help maintain the skin’s health and support the immune system. Wearing natural fibbers will allow the skin to breathe freely; going naked from time to time when weather and circumstances allow will also help the skin to breathe. Moderate sunbathing will nourish the skin, although overexposure may be damaging.

Among the outside factors that affect Lung Qi environmental conditions, such as weather changes, pollution, excessive lifestyle, such as poor diet or too much drinking,fluctuating hormones, specially around menstruation.

Systematic Differentiation of Warm Disorders  (Wenbing Tiaobian), describes: “If somebody suffers from invasion of pernicious dry metal qi , it will gradually lead to intestinal challanges  that will become harder and harder, and that must be purged.” Heat accumulation in the large intestine, in turn, can interrupt the proper up/down dynamics of lung qi.

Healthy Lung Habits:
Use a scarf or collar to cover the front and back of your neck when you go outside, and make sure to have your lower back covered. These two areas are called our ‘wind gates’, where wind has a chance to enter and cause cold and flu symptoms in the lungs. Avoid drafts and wind.

  • Let go of pre-conceived ideas and prejudices that serve no purpose in your life: Just as we need to de-clutter our environment and our inner space, clearing out mental waste such as culturally acquired ideas that hold no truth but which stop us from engaging with people and situations is important for good health and the renewal of our energy.
  •  Seize the moment: The Lung energy fuels our ability to be in the moment and is nourished by our enjoyment of the present. As children, we tended to inhabit our bodies powerfully and to experience each moment fully. As we grow up, many of us lose this ability so as adults staying in the moment needs to be achieved through deep breathing and accessing a grounding calm that allows us to engage with what is happening now. Activities that help us “be in the body” as opposed to trapped inside the mind such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Yoga can also provide us with tools that help us achieve this.
  • Detach yourself: The Lungs have the ability to constantly renew our energy through a combination of elimination of what is no longer needed and a continuous intake of potentially new energy. This implies an ability to recognise what needs to be discarded and a willingness to allow it to go. Understanding that everything in life – things, ideas, situations, people – is transient enables us to go smoothly from one stage of life to the next. When we are reluctant to accept this reality, we may remain in grief and pain until we make room for new things to come.







Face Reading

 The Power of Face Reading


This post is about one of the most fascinating subjects I have studied. A well tuned professional face reader, can describe you and your ancestors so well that it may make you feel that he or she has been involved in your life on a daily basis.It is amazing the accuracy and finesse of the system.

This post is about one of the most fascinating subjects I have studied. A well tuned professional face reader, can describe you and your ancestors so well that it may make you feel that he or she has been involved in your life on a daily basis.It is amazing the accuracy and finesse of the system.
You may know someone whom people adore. Most likely this person isn’t wrinkle free and doesn’t have perfect features.




She was a perfect sample of the radiance, kindness  and compasion that read through her beauty.


Yet when he or she walks into a room, everyone’s heart just soars. What they are responding to is the information that radiates out from that individuals face. When people are living according to their true nature, everyone finds them beautiful.

With that been said here we are posting a few facts about face reading there is so much more to it, we will continue to share with you in future articles and your search more information with the links provided.



mans facereading



From http://english.eastday.com

Chinese face reading is as relevant today as it was in the past and its use is cross-cultural. We all have a blend of elements and all faces reflect part of nature pattern. Face reading first appeared in China during the 6th century BC, possibly as the specialty of magic it was not affiliated to any religion. It is thought that they were probably Taoist shamans from rural areas such as Szechwan who specialized in non-traditional deviational arts. By 220 BC, the art of face reading was established in Chinese life and classic treatises, such as the Golden Scissors and Bamboo Chronicles, were written at this time.

There were also professional face readers during this time that combined the roles of priest, astrologer and counselor. They were well-educated men with great compassion for human frailty. The Chinese understood the concept that the face represents the energies, health and fortune of a person and they wished to live in harmony with these, and with the prevailing energies of the five elements, yin and yang, and the seasons. This wisdom has seen a huge resurgence in the West during the past 20 years with the growth of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Feng Shui and Qi Gong.


mans face



The Principles of Face Reading:  Chart from The Joey Yap Store



The starting principles of face reading are the cosmic energies of the five elements and yin and yang. The elements are symbols and represent qualities of energy within each person that are reflected in the face. An elaborate physical, psychological and emotional profile can be built up, incorporating the energies of the features, the life points of the face, the three divisions from top to bottom (forehead, mid face and lower face) which show the nervous, circulatory and digestive systems and the facial zones which represent the internal organs.

Each face is a map of the past, present and future. The past would be described as our inherited constitution, our mother’s pregnancy, our childhood and adolescence, with either difficulties or support in the family, and our early years as we start out in the world. The present reflects our health at the time of the reading. This is something we create ourselves. Coco Chanel said: Inappropriate diet, persistent negative emotions, drugs, toxins and stress all contribute to lines, congestion, and colors on the face.

The facial zones affected are related to the internal organs under stress. In the same way that the feet are a microcosm of the whole in Reflexology, so the face shows the inner health status and the person behind the persona. The future is not predestined in Chinese philosophy: acts of compassion can lengthen one’s life, and taking greater care with health can resolve possible future symptoms. Sometimes destiny and the ups and downs of life can be improved by facial surgery? Correcting squints helps one’s fortunes during the years 35-40. However, nose jobs, which expose the nostrils and shorten the nose can affect the end of the 40s.

Here are some examples of various shapes and qualities of  face reading:


The Joey Yap Store - The Face Read


lips face reading JOEY YAP


Face shapes chinese face reading 1-16-15

Charts from The Joey Yap Store



Balance and proportion are important in face reading, as in Chinese paintings. There are needs for harmony between the mountains (the yang element, represented in the face by the bones) and the rivers, (the yin element which is the soft tissue). Although a face may be considered beautiful by society, in face reading terms it may be too yin (upturned nose, large wide mouth, eyes too far apart, thin eyebrows). Many models have this look. In our language we have many expressions to describe character traits: pay through the nose, two faced, keeping one’s nose clean, chinless wonder? We may have forgotten how these came into a language in the first place, the mouth relates to communication, and the chin signifies determination, ambition and practicality among other traits . So, face reading can be used to sum up a person’s energies, to get a health read-out, to assess character,fortune and other a tributes to help gain self knowledge and to plan for good health.

There are numerous ways to read a face in Chinese physiognomy: 3 Quarters, 8 Trigrams, 108 Spots, examining the shapes, the colors, the wrinkles and the moles, just to name a few. A master of face reader usually employs the combination of several techniques to gain multiple perspectives and perform cross-examination.



Following is a brief introduction to the 12 Houses method.

1. Fortune House (Fude Gong)

It gives an overview of your general fortune trend. An ideal Fortune House should be round, full and smooth with no

visible marks, lines or scars. Flaws in these areas reflect challenges in your life, which can be in the form of poor health, distressful relationships or money troubles.

2. Parents House (Fumu Gong)

It is associated with Heaven Luck; in this regard its state is quite a testimony to the situation that your parents were in

and your relationship with them. A forehead that is wide, round and shinning speaks of a good family inheritance, a comfortable upbringing and early achievement, while a small, bony or disfigured one illustrates an uneasy childhood.

3. Career House (Guanlu Gong)

Again, being broad, round and smooth is the basic criteria to identify a good Career House. If on the top of that, you also

have prominent cheekbones and protruding eyebrows, you shall have a great chance to achieve a great success in your chosen field.

4. House of Travel (Qianyi Gong)

If it is in any way disfigured with scars or deep lines, you might be better off sating put. Furthermore, jobs or businesses involving transportation, tourism or import/export are, understandably, not your best choice.

5. Life House (Ming Gong)

The key to your fortune is deposited here. Naturally, being smooth and shinny is ideal, which suggests a trouble-free life

journey. If it is receded, dimpled or scared; or there are permanent horizontal lines between the brows; or eyebrows meet in the middle, you may face a bumping road ahead.

6. House of Siblings (Xiongdi Gong)

Eyebrows and the areas directly above them represent and it also oversees your relationship with your friends and

colleagues. The state of your hair has a direct connection to the physical conditions of your parents at the time when you were conceived, which means it has a lot to do with your genetic make-ups. Brows that are dark, thick, long, smooth, orderly and located high above eyes indicate a healthy hormone level that gives rise to affection, calmness and courage. If they look sparse, thin, pale, short, or chaotic, or too close to eyes, or marked with a scar, you could be tormented by your own physical or emotional states.

7. Assets House (Tianzhai Gong)

Your eyes portray your intelligence and temperament, and the very quality of these dispositions plays important role in your asset acquisition endeavor. Good Asset Houses are constituted with eyes that are long with large pupils and clear whites, and up-eyelids that are broad and full. Recessed or narrow eyelids exhibit impatience. If the whites are colored with red streaks, and worse, if the streaks pass through a pupil, you should brave yourself for challenges in reference to your financial concernes.

8. House of Marriage (Qiqie Gong)

Being full and smooth in appearance indicates a happy marriage. A receded House however rings a bell on extra marital

affairs. If the area bears visible spots, scars, black moles or messy lines, your marriage could have challenges due to some unscrupulous conduct.

9. House of Children (Ernu Gong)

This area is closely related to cerebellum and also governs your love and sex life, so again, being full and round is better

than being flat or receded. Dim moles or slant lines across the area are especially undesirable, suggesting some challenges regarding your own sex life or your children’s future development.

10. Health House (Jie Going)

If the House is broken or marked with horizontal lines, or if it is stained with spots, marks or discoloration, you shall pay extra attention to your health, especially your digestive system.

11. Wealth House (Caibo Gong)

A nose that has high and straight bridge, big and round tip, full and fleshy wings, and invisible nostrils, not only indicates

sound physical health, a positive mental attitude, also denotes success in career and abundance in wealth. On the other hand, a nose that is low, or crooked, pointed, or narrow, bony, or with contoured bridge, upturned tip, visible nostrils, reveal a problematic personality, a troublesome financial situation or a difficult career path. If blood vessels are clearly visible, or a dim blue color tones the surface, pay attention to blood pressure and heart health. When a nose turns bloody red, which is dubbed Fire in Lounge in Chinese physiognomy, it should be viewed as a to excessive warning sign

12. Popularity House (Nupu Going)

This House rules your relationship with your colleagues, subordinates or younger generations, and foretells your

situation in your old age. When they are round and full, you can expect to enjoy your popularity among your followers. But if it sharps off, or appears crooked or bony, you probably should reconceder your dream about being a politician. And what’s more, you’d better prepare for self-support during old age.

Marks, spots, scars on, and even shapes of your face can change over time, meaning your fate can alter through the years. You can utilize your Man Power (your attitudes – good deeds, better learning and hard work) and the Earth Power (your environment – favorable Feng Shui) to neutralize the Heaven Power (your time of birth – what you have inherited from your parents and your previous lives). Ultimately, you are the real creator of your own fate. When you change your heart, you change your face; when you change your face, you change your fate.



A Guide to Concealer – Tips and Tricks



Concealer 2


Hello again, 

We wish to thank you for all the support and likes. It is crucial for your opinion and support, it tells us that our hours of research and work serves you.
As per popular request, we are starting a series of posts about application, tips and different kinds of concealers and their qualities. w We are not claiming to know each one that is offered in the market, just the ones we have experienced in years of working with the different textures and skin. Further more, I often tend to use (when it allows for it) foundations of different shades to conceal due to the fact that I believe the textures and formulation get along with each other. Ultimately it is an individual choice and skill to blend and try what works for you.
Enjoy and feel free to email us with requests and comments, we love to learn. Thank you once again from all of us at Isabel’s Beauty Blog.

Different kinds of concealers and their uses :

Concealers are probably one of the greatest factors in creating the illusion of a flawless finish look in make up. The product formula is critical. With that being said, concealer formulas and texture give you a different coverage and lasting time on your skin, and all skins are different in that matter. Another consideration is the fact that we mix concealers with foundation and in many cases with powders or matting agents and all the products should get along with, not to mention, the difference in tones and textures that we must blend to give the appearance of natural flawless look. All of these factors should be taken in consideration to achieve a successful outcome.

Now lets talk about a few kinds of concealers and their qualities

Stick concealer:

Is one of the most common and popular, do to the fact that it is easy to carry and for the most part is used without a brush. I don’t recommend that habit do to contamination of your product, I will leave that up to your discretion.

Lets continue with the description of our product.

Stick concealer gives you great coverage, and usually the formula is moist enough yet has enough pigment that gives you coverage and correction on discoloration and hyper pigmentation. Always make sure that the texture goes well with the rest of the make up you are using and if you use concealer without foundation just for correction, make sure that it is well blended and it doesn’t look like a patch.




Glo Minerals Brightener Highlight Concealer





Phyris Time Control Concealer 50ml




Osmosis Colour Age Defying Treatment Concealer










Tube concealer:

Usually it is a more moisturizing formula due to the nature of the ingredients. It is very versatile due to its texture. It can give you a lot of coverage or you can sheer it out to give it a lighter amount of coverage. It all depends on the look you wish to achieve. Tube concealer is more likely to blend with other products that you may use to achieve a full makeover.

You can layer this product to accomplish the coverage that you desire, make sure you blend it well and take in consideration the texture and formula of the foundation, blush, and if you use powder or a matting product that should work together as well.


If you use  a powder foundation or a non oil foundation tube concealer, it must be addressed in a very gentle and skillful way. If you don’t want a demarcation or an unnatural look, that screams poorly done make up, adding more attention to the area that you want to conceal in the first place.






Rockin Beauty Full Cover-Xtreme Anti-Age Concealer Light 8ml







Pot concealer:

Now this formula gives you a fuller coverage. The formula varies from creamy all the way to dry. So it greatly depends on the texture of your choice and the other product that will be used with and what you wish to cover, smell, color, matching with skin etc.


You may want to try it with the rest of the products you wear to see that they all get along and the duration of it on your skin is what you desire. That is a very important consideration, so in an hour or two the product doesn’t separate or overwhelm the rest of your make up and is sitting on top making a big statement on creases or details that you don’t wish to emphasize.



100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Long Lasting Concealer




Emani HD Corrective Concealer




YoungBlood Ultimate Concealer





Colorescience Mineral Corrector Palette – Light to Medium


Wand concealer:

I consider this product to be one of the sheerest of all the formulas. It gives you the least coverage, on the other hand it is easy to blend and a great choice for people that want to conceal details and don’t wear foundation or minimally so.


Make sure you discard product after a month of use, due to contamination. In my experience it starts to dry out and no longer does what it was set up to do in the first place.




100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer w/ SPF20




Glo Minerals LUXE Liquid Bright Concealer



Mavala Concealer







Here we mention a few products that we have experienced and feel comfortable recommending. We will do a post on how to choose the ideal match for the different color skin and foundations undertones to aid with blending.

We wish to thank all of you for your support and likes, we couldn’t make it without you, please sign up and like us, it keeps us going.



A Superfood Super-SOLUTION


With gratitude and much appreciation we wish to introduce Olivia P Biera, she is the contributor for this week. Olivia will be sharing astounding information on Superfoods.
I met Olivia at Life Energy Institute, where I was taking Integrative Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy for over ten years. She was always passionate and driven to help us with our needs. Her compassion and integrity touch many of us, always with a smile and with a sense that everything would be alright, that is very contagious and comforting. In the years that I had contact with her she managed to maintain these gifts.

We were at a very large convention in which I was speaking and having challenges keeping my boundaries in check. Many people wanting information and our product, (we were very thankful by the way just a bit spent) she appeared and did a vey quick test and recommended a couple of oils and a supplement that she proceeded to share with me and I went on my way to the next talk after which I noticed I was in control of my space and my energy was well sustained. I was not only very thankful for her intuition, I really wanted to learn how she did that. I wish for you all to enjoy and connect with her, Olivia does private consultations that will change your life in an outstanding way and that I can guarantee, her passion and true integrity are rare.
Thank you once again for your support and likes it means so much to all of us.




Olivia P. Biera – Founder of OPB Consulting


A passionate Practitioner, Facilitator and Manager in the Healing Arts and Cosmetics/Spa Industry for over 19 years. She is resourced by many modalities and Master Mentors and teaches specialty trainings in the field. Olivia P. Biera is doing the work to hold the Earth in balance through Highest Truth and Deepest Body Consciousness.  Affiliated with companies and practitioners who are stewards of integrity, ethics and effective change.

About OPB Consulting – Understanding you as the heart of your business. As a source expert in the healing arts, OPB offers efficiency techniques for your Mind, Body, Spirit and Business.  Facilitating for groups or private clients, the art of Spectrum Healing includes esoteric, physical, emotional, mental and financial attention. Unique coaching services with a global perspective.




A Superfood Super-SOLUTION


As a consultant in the Art of Healing, I have come across many “patches” as I call them, which are ways to address symptoms without truly addressing the cause.

Take for example acne. There are a ton of acne-fighting products on the market that can dry out bacteria or reduce scarring, though none of them will stop you from eating potato chips and drinking high-fructose corn syrup.  They are bandaids if you will to a poor diet that shows its effects through the skin.

Most beauty experts agree that hydration and proper mineral and vitamin absorption will prove to provide healthier looking skin, hair and nails. I say those are the perks. A happy, healthy immune system is ready to detoxify and fight any bacteria or virus that comes its way.

There are a plethora of articles on the Internet that document the claims that ‘superfoods’ are a simple solution to the ailments of a nutrient deficient society.  These articles claim that using them can cleanse the blood, reduce cravings and successfully support the immune system.

So what exactly are ‘superfoods’? The definition varies according to the source of reference, however most definitions have come to the agreement that what makes a natural organic food “super” is that it has a much higher nutrition levels than other foods. This is because they will be high in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals or antioxidants depending on what it is.




In the Capugreeno and Superfood Smoothie Recipe Book, Dr. John Fitzgerald gives the example of comparing Acerola Cherries and Oranges:

Everyone in America knows Oranges are good for you because of their high levels of Vitamin C content. 1 Cup of oranges contain ~95 mg of Vitamin C.

An Acerola Cherry is a West Indian Cherry now growing in popularity in America. 1 cup of Acerola Cherries contains ~1,644 mg of Vitamin C!

Acerola Cherries are considered superfoods while organic oranges are not.

There are many different types of superfoods, some are high in Vitamin C, others reduce inflammation or detoxify the liver. Others are historically known to improve memory, oxygenate the blood, even cleanse the pineal gland. The list goes on and on of all the ways super foods are beneficial… but not so yummy. No one is out there raving about the earthy taste of wheatgrass or reishi mushroom powder.

So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I heard from Dr. John Fitzgerald about the launch of his project, 5 intentional years in production and 30 years in the making. When he told me about the Premium Ancient Superfood line I almost cried. How I had been waiting for an angel to combine all these random, weird tasting powders, seeds and concentrates into one convenient package to balance out my deficiencies. I wasn’t quite convinced though. As much as I trust Dr. John, my analytical brain said to me the proof will be in the taste, so I waited. I pre-ordered and I waited for my shipment and when it finally came then I became overwhelmed with happiness!

As a single mother running a household and a business, I could not imagine how I could find the time to get my family and myself all the superfoods we need conveniently. This morning within 5 minutes we are drinking ginger root, camu camu, turmeric, hulled hemp, cinnamon, reishi mushroom powders with flax and chia seeds in a papaya banana smoothie. The taste is balanced perfection. I have abandoned my relationship with sugary iced drinks and fruity shakes. Curbing my sugar cravings with the delicious balanced blends of the mixes. The results are in the way I feel, sleep and look healthier. Give these blends a try, the price point is way below what we’ve come to expect and the assurance of non-GMO, Vegan, Organic certified ingredients makes it a treasure on your grocery list.

Some specialty stores are beginning to carry MNA’s Ancient Superfoods however you can order them anytime online. To receive a discount use my coupon code: opbconsulting.

Capugreeno and Superfood Smoothie Recipe Book



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