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This weeks post is about an ancient physiognomy, that has been practiced for thousands of years in many cultures. This Science takes you deep into the times of your gestation from the first moment of implantation to now. When I lived in China I was introduced to face reading and I became fascinated with how much they knew about my health and personality and how they described my mother’s wellbeing and diet! This post is easy and fun to read and understand, we wish it finds you in health, happiness and ideal abundance, from all of us at


Not one person has a perfectly proportioned body or head, what is perfect anyway?

Each one of us are different, it depends on the nourishment while in our mothers’s womb, her nourishment and of her ancestors.

Facial proportions according to macrobiotic oriental medicine, can tell us a great deal about a person’s constitution, their condition at birth. We divide the face into three sections, as we see in the diagram bellow.


Picture of three sections


The three sections of the face and the development of the corresponding major systems of the body

During the first seven days after conception the fertilized egg travels down the fallopian tube towards the womb where implantation occurs, the organism increases rapidly in size for the next 21 days. These first 21 days account for the main development of the top section of the face. If harmful chemicals or drugs are consumed during this period there will be negative consequences for the person. Birth marks are usually caused in this period.

During the next 63 days the middle section of the face does its principal development. At 91 days, all of the structures are generally formed. The bottom section of the face develops most during the remaining 189 days before gestation.


Bay in the womb and DNA 10-29-14

The three systems of the embryo keeps continuously developing. The development of each system takes place as follows. The first three months the nervous system progresses very fast. During the second three months, the circulatory system and the organs used in filtering the blood and balancing  go through a period of fast development. In the final three months we see the the greatest development within the respiratory and digestive systems. The most Yang system ( nervous ) is developed at the edge of the embryonic spiral ( the most Yin part ). The digestive system, witch is hallow (Yin), develops at the center of the spiral (the most Yang position). In between these two systems, making balance, is the circulatory system.

Since pregnancy lasts nine months, we pass only three seasons in the womb.

Following traditional patterns of eating, there are four basic shapes that correspond to the four orders of seasons during pregnancy.


Pear Shape Face


keath urban a face

Type A:




Oblong Shape Face

Bace B 10-30-14

Type B:





Inverted Triangle Shape Face

Face C -10-30-14

Type C:






Round Shape Face


Type D:




Type A is steady and practical.

Type B is more romantic, emotional, sentimental, idealistic.

Type C tends to be a thinker, intellectual.

Type D is active, a doer.

As far as physical food is concerned, if we take in an excess of food or more yin foods, our internal force is expansive, in the other hand if we take in little food or more yang food, our internal force is more concentrated. One example is when we can see the operation of the internal force in the features of the face. Some people’s eyes are more indented (yang internal force), some are more protruding (yin). Long narrow eyes are there more yang; wide eyes (with more vertical force),  more Yin. A long nose, specially one that protrudes, is yin; a flat nose is more yang. Horizontally expanded nostrils indicate a yang constitution.

A large, well defined jaw is another important sign of a yang constitution.



The Eyebrows

Meat eater eyebrow 10-28-14


Another example of how food helps to shape the human face. Lets talk a bit about the eyebrows, the shape of the eyebrows are determined by the underlying bone structure. It is an indication of the individual’s constitution. If a mother eats more yang food especially meat while she is pregnant, the baby’s eyebrows will be slanted down towards the middle of the face. Vegetarian people have eyebrows that are curved down towards the outside. In Chinese culture it is believe that long eyebrows are a sign of happiness and longevity. Thickness shows strong vitality; thin eyebrows a sign of low vitality.

       Yang Eyebrows (meat eater)


meat eater eyebrow 10-29-14



Yin Eyebrows (vegetarian)






Lets talk about lips for a moment, different parts of the lips show the condition of different parts of the digestive system. The upper lip corresponds to the stomach, the top part of the lip to the upper stomach  (where the strong hydrochloric acid is released), the middle part of the lip to the middle part of the stomach (weaker acid), and the lower part of the lip and the corners represent the duodenum (The exit of the stomach, connected to the liver, gall bladder and pancreas). The lower lip shows the condition of the intestines.



Lips 10-28-14



If the digestive tract is expanded, flaccid (yin), then the lips are swollen. An outward swelling of the lower lip shows a tendency to constipation. Dark spots or sores on the lips show ulceration and stagnation of blood in the digestive system. Such spots and sores occur on the same side of the mouth as the side of the digestive system in which then irritation is present. These are some of the different characteristics of lips in many good books and videos in Youtube for references. It is fascinating how much you can tell about your health and personality from what your face has to say. Enjoy reading and viewing the video, they offer so much good information. The book that served as reference is well done and the name of it is Your Face never lies by Michio Kushi.


Pink scarlet lips 10-29-14



According the blog to Leading Personality


Thick lips show available pleasures. If the lower lip is slightly thicker that person loves to be well received, loving character but undecided. If it also has a split chin it reveals laziness and selfishness.

Pursed lips show courage and decisive character. Small lips reveals sometimes a cold and cruel nature.

Pale tight lips accompanied by a square jaw shows avarice, dirt, cruelty, brutality, selfishness, someone with whom we can’t be proud than in business.

When upper lip covers part of the lower lip reveals good character, loving person, love for pleasure and entertainment – if lips are thin, a little generosity and more selfishness.

Heart shaped lips shows independence and confidence, seductive and sensual,  the need for love and kindness is also important for these persons.

Lower lip pronounced outside reveals talent, satirical, cynicism and sarcasm.

Preferable are thick lips then thin lips. Mouth with corners pointing down shows deep thought and melancholy.



 Joey Yap Face Reading



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