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VitaSkin Booster-Serums


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I would like to share a great concept in Skincare. I had the very rewarding experience to use Eminence VitaSkin Booster-Serums on myself, friends, and clients. All of us have had amazing results in a different way even when we use the same Serum! What a great product and concept, Bravo!

So often we think we have to change from scratch all of are regimens and favorite potions. Not with VitaSkin their gift is to ” Boost ” the products we already have. How great is that! Every time you purchase a product the company plants a tree in your name, that is my way of life. I don’t take without putting something back. Nature is generous enough to nurture and in the case of these herbs they gave their life, so I wish to them in return to give life to a brother tree.

Wishing you health and happiness for you and family from all of us at isabel’s Beauty Authority Blog.

Achieve faster, more effective results with our new VitaSkin™ Booster-Serums!
A potent blend of the most active organic ingredients allows you to intensify the benefits of your daily skin care regime. Take the next step on your VitaSkin™ path to perfect skin with this customizable enhancement. Apply this concentrated formulation directly to skin for targeted results or infuse your masque or moisturizer with a potent boost as frequently as your skin requires.

Bright Skin Licorice Booster-Serum
Enhanced pigment lightening serum for hyperpigmented skin with Natural Hydroquinone Alternative – Add a brightening daily boost to your skin care regime with the natural power of licorice root and stone crop.

Calm Skin Arnica Booster-Serum
Enhanced calming serum for sensitive and rosacea prone skin – Reduce skin redness and erase the appearance of sensitive and rosacea prone skin with a potent dose of soothing arnica, chamomile and lavender.

Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster-Serum
Enhanced clarifying serum for acne prone skin – Amplify the acne-fighting benefits of your daily skin care routine with a concentrated boost of astringents: willow bark and tea tree oil.

Firm Skin Acai Booster-Serum
Enhanced anti-aging serum for all skin types – Add a hydrating boost to your anti-aging skin care regime with a potent dose of two natural skin plumpers: Homeostatine and plant-derived hyaluronic acid.



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