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Senteurs De Fee

In our recent stay in Marais  Paris, I was introduced to a company I fell in love with. The store and the products are magic it was like entering a new dimension, in between the amazing aromas of the herbs and a sweet smell of incense I was transported to a place that I would like to live in.

We were greeted by one of the owners she is just as Fantastic as the store and the products. She proceeded to show us all the different products and gave us a bottle of their Nectar de Rose, Wow!! She told me to try it first and if we liked it to come back and try the rest and she sent us home with a few samples.

I fell in love with the Nectar de Rose and went back to get other products she told me that she sells all the products all over the world and it would probably be easy for us if she send the products to the USA, since we were going to be traveling for another 3 weeks what a great idea not only for us but for our Blog followers that way they can order from her. I highly recommended the products. They changed my Skin and the results she told us are exactly as she said.


nectar de rose

Nectar de Rose

Nectar de Rose Senteurs de Fée  is the aromatic, beautifying nectar par excellence. We note a radical improvement in skin texture and complexion in 4 or 5 days, and a smoothing out of wrinkles thanks to its unique concentration in pure Rose Essential Oil. Its nutritive formula repairs and reduces shine and is suitable for all skin types without leaving the skin greasy.

The molecular richness of its ingredients and the 500 or so identified molecules contained in Bulgaria Rose Essential Oil makes this a complete beauty treatment.  Its ultra-fluid texture made from precious oils is scented with natural rose.

Does not contain any artificial colour or fragrance, does not contain synthetic chemicals, mineral oils, petrochemical derivatives or parabens. Is not tested on animals.

Properties :

Hydrates the skin and improves the complexion, regenerates and oxygenates the epidermis, smoothes out lines and wrinkles, detoxifies and purifies skin tissues in-depth.

How to use :

Can be used as an excellent alternative to your day cream. To be applied in the morning as a massage on the face, neck, eye contour and eyelids on lightly moistened skin. The skin absorbs this Nectar in 60 seconds. You can then apply your make-up on a radiant skin.

Advice from Katia Bielli, its creator :

To optimise the active ingredients contained in Nectar de Rose, hydrate and moisten the face with Clean Skin Lotion or a Floral Water that suits your needs (rose, orange blossom, cypress) and allow the skin to absorb this Nectar de Rose on this moistened skin.  For the day cream adepts, remember that all the Senteurs de Fée range of facial care products can be combined.

You can also mix a dose of Nectar de Rose with a dose of Crème d’Eau for a soothing tailor- made camomile and rose moisturizing cream.

You can also use it as your night cream, avoiding the eye contour and eyelids. At night, never apply anything around the eyes or eyelids other than flower waters that you allow to dry naturally, or you risk waking-up with bug-eyes!


Katia Bielli

I am a passionate artisan with an in-depth knowledge of my field. The Senteurs de Fée range was rigorously put to the test by extremely demanding, tough, uncompromising customers confronted with a range that was totally unknown, didn’t offer samples but yet claimed to give results in a matter of days: Nectar de Rose, Anti-age Duo, Beauty Serum, Revitalizing Mask… At the beginning, they were perplexed by the improbable containers with adhesive labels stuck on by hand but that sold thanks to a very positive word of mouth.  Senteurs de Fée would never have survived or developed in the cosmetics universe if my assertions had been contradicted by a lack of competence or quality.

I created these products for myself at first, I was the first to use them and now I have the satisfaction and pleasure of sharing them with you.


Life is full of wonderfully mysterious and inexplicable things. My fascination and passion for plants that began in my childhood is one of them. Next

acc2-03The first question one should ask oneself is: “why has it been necessary to create organic cosmetics labels?”  Next


The first impression is olfactory. The air is balmy with the blended scents of rosebud, camomile and lavender flower bath salts, burning resin incense and fragrant essential oils. In this magical kingdom dedicated to beauty, to well-being and fragrance, time passes gently without stress. Here one can ask for advice, test a cream or a perfume and between addicts we exchange our secrets. On the door there’s just an invitation:  enter without knocking, the fairies are in the workshop…


“I don’t actually wear make-up but I wanted something that really cleansed deep down. I was a bit sceptical given its oil-base, but I tried the Make Up Remover Oil because I trust Senteurs de Fée! Here we have another magical product…applied onto damp cotton wool it neither feels sticky nor oily and not only does it really cleanse the skin deep down, the natural ingredients also penetrate and act deep down leaving the skin feeling good even the next morning!

I would never have imagined that there was so much muck sitting in my pores, even living out in the country…so for those of you that wear make-up AND live in big polluted cities this is an absolute MUST!!!”  V.D

“If you want to give your whole body a treat and feel like a princess…try the Senteurs de Fée Body Beauty Cream. It’s unctuous, smells delicious and leaves your whole body smooth and silky and tingling with delight! It just drinks it up and asks for more! ”    P.C

Over the years, I’ve tried every imaginable moisturiser. The results were always the same, halfway through the day my skin would start feeling tight, a sort of cross between a drying prune and a piece of cling-film trying to escape its imposed stretch….

Then I met Katia and Senteurs de Fée. She advised Nectar de Rose and the difference was unbelievable! My face has never been happier! I can feel my skin drinking up all those wonderful ingredients and it smells gorgeous, feels silky smooth and lasts all day.”

All those little line have gone and even my friends have noticed the difference. I wouldn’t use anything else now, I’m totally hooked!!   A.K



makeup remover

Make-up Remover Treatment Oil

The Make-up Remover Treatment Oil is one of Senteurs de Fée key products which, together with Nectar de Rose, have contributed in creating the brand’s excellent reputation. The synergy between the various carrier oils, essential oils and the vitamin E content contribute in creating a perfect make-up remover that simultaneously cares for your skin. Its restructuring, regulating and hydrating properties make it an excellent alternative to a night cream. It cares for problem, mixed or greasy skins by tightening the pores and regulating excess sebum.

Does not contain artificial colors or fragrance, does not contain synthetic molecules, petrochemical derivatives or parabens. Is not tested on animals.

Properties :

Purifies and detoxifies the epidermis, eliminates all traces of make-up including waterproof mascara and indelible lipstick, makes your skin clean, smooth, perfectly clear of make-up and moisturized.

lotion Clean Skin Lotion

The Clean Skin Lotion of Senteurs de Fée is an alcohol-free toner for the face and neck made from 5 organic Flower Waters, Aloe vera and vitamin C.

The Senteurs de Fée Clean Skin Lotion is multi-purpose: Ideal for gently removing make-up and eliminating all traces of pollution. It hydrates the skin after applying the Make-up Remover Oil Treatment.

In the morning, it stimulates and wakens the skin before applying your day cream.

It is an extremely active, effective and fragrant lotion thanks to the Rose, Orange Blossom, Camomile, Geranium and Lavender Waters that you can mist generously leaving the skin fresh, clean and moisturized.

Properties :

Adapted and recommended for all skin types from the most fragile to mixed or greasy skins. The Clean Skin Lotion hydrates, purifies, regulates sebum, protects the epidermis and gives a glowing complexion.

facial scrubSoft Facial Scrub

The Soft Facial Scrub Senteurs de Fée does not contain artificial colours or fragrances, does not contain mineral oils, petrochemical derivatives or parabens. Is not tested on animals.

Our skin is an inveterate coward, is often paranoid and has a long memory!!

It makes us pay for any abuse, becomes irritated if you scrub it too hard, takes its revenge if you traumatize it, and flares up in a rash at the slightest provocation. In short, it is far better to get to know it, respect it, treat it with the utmost gentleness, pamper it and use any available ruse to get what you want out of it. Then, it will reward you by blossoming out in all its beauty and display its finest attributes.

This is why the soft Facial Scrub is both an essential and delicate treatment.

This soft Facial Scrub has been designed to provide a daily exfoliation that is exceptionally gentle and non-traumatizing with spectacular long-term results. It hydrates and revitalizes through the addition of seaweed powder, rich in oligoelements, that melts as you exfoliate and repairs thanks to ingredients such as calendula, beeswax and sweet almond.

The hydrolipidic film is protected; the more you scrub, the more you hydrate.

Properties :

A very gentle microdermabrasion that eliminates impurities and dead cells, smoothes out skin texture, scrubs away imperfections, illuminates the complexion and favours cell renewal in the epidermis.


dream cream

 Dream of Cream Senteurs de Fée


Dream of Cream Senteurs de Fée is close to perfection. Thanks to a unique formula of active ingredients. It represents a real challenge in the world of leading edge natural cosmetics. Two and a half years of research, perfecting, and beginning again.  Is not tested on animals.

It contains 25 anti-oxidizing, firming and restructuring plants, of which 7 amino acids (anti-ageing), hyaluronic acid and collagen regenerating tripeptides. It acts as a natural sunscreen through the addition of Languedoc powdered ochre (protects and gives skin a healthy glow), and mica particles (repels UVA/UVB), natural ingredients and plants such as carrot, tomato, jojoba, beta-carotene; and a natural bush peach fragrance.


Advice from Katia Bielli, its creator :

To be consumed without moderation. And given the price, don’t forget that all Senteurs de Fée products can be mixed together. To optimize Dream of Cream‘s performance and increase your pleasure by making it last longer you can mix one generous squeeze of

Dream of Cream with;

one of Crème d’Eau for moisturizing,

one of Beauty Serum to accelerate the skin cell regeneration,

one of Nectar de Rose to reach cosmetic nirvana by offering your skin extra oxygen, anti-age and anti-wrinkle nutrients.